Would you like to give a gift that will save lives?
Do you want to help stop child abuse?
Do you want to be part of providing a permanent place where survivors of childhood trauma and abuse can really heal?

Child abuse is the most costly and destructive issue in Australia and costs the community over $1.3 billion dollars each year (The Australian 22 Nov 2012).
“in Australia, during 2012-13, there were 272,980 notifications of suspected child abuse and neglect made to state and territory authorities”. (AIHW Nov 2014)

Do you know:

  • 92% of heroin addicts and 94% of amphetamine users have suffered trauma. (NARDC, 2004)
  • 79.9 % of people diagnosed with depression have suffered some form of trauma. (Moskvina, Farmer, Swainson, et al. 2007)
  • 68.8% of psychiatric in-patients have suffered from child sexual or physical abuse (Read, van Os, Morrison, and Ross, 2005)
  • Child sexual abuse has been found to be a key factor in the cause and continuation of youth homelessness (Van Loon and Kralik, 2005).

Heal For Life Foundation (as a not-for-profit volunteer organisation) has been empowering survivors to heal themselves from the devastating effects of trauma and abuse since 1999. Our programs are run by survivors for survivors and are evidence-based.  They are backed by research.

We need 1000 guardian angels to protect Heal For Life.

Just $100 a year will make you a Guardian Angel. Your name will be published on our website to say thankyou, you will be kept informed of our activities every month and you will be honoured at a special celebration early next year.

Amount quoted is in Australian Dollars

Guardian Angel Appeal

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Our Wonderful Guardian Angels Who Support Our Work

Rhonda Bailey-Yates
Adam Bayliss
Barbara Biggs
Scott Briggs
Bernie Broughton
Gabriele Brown
Iris Burston
Brian Butcher
Melissa Cameron
Joe Cause
Kate Christensen
Noelle Christopher
Debbie Christov
Tina Cook
Kristina Coombes
Danelle D’Costa
Susan Feghali
Julie Gravino
Louise Greenstock
Susan Harris
Susan Hart
Rachael Higginson
Margie Howard
Jonathan Huntington
Pamela Kilduff
Jane Lockwood
Dale Lynch
Carly M
Donald Magin
Sharon Magin
Brian Maguire
John Moran
Christine Morris
Karen Morris
Liz Mullinar
Joy Paddison
Sally Peters
Rodney Phillips
Idalina Pimenta
Carollyn Potter
Gage Presbury
Lisa Presbury
Paul Presbury
Gary Reilly
Julie Reilly
Julie Riley
Rosalie Robinson
Bruce Rowe
Pippa Rowe
Vera Rusca
Toni Sayers
Rose Schiffler
Emily Summers
Ros Thomas
Tina Thorpe
William Thorpe
Kristina Trafford-Jones
Angela Visser
Alyssa Walker
Renee Wardrop
Sandra Weine
Jodie Wilkinson

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