Letter recommending our training

“I was privileged enough to attend the two day training workshop at Woomera (Albury) earlier this year. Firstly, I commend you and your team for providing access to this invaluable workshop. More importantly, I would endorse the type of program conducted by ‘Heal for Life’ as an invaluable method of assisting those most difficult of clients to make positive changes to their lives. These clients often present as clients of multiple agencies and are at high risk of harm to themselves or others. Many of these people have often been ‘written off’ as too difficult to deal with, or beyond help.” David Cottee, Detective Chief Inspector, Albury Local Area Command, NSW

Testimonial recommending our work (received April 2015)

“Public Mental Health Services are not resourced for the long term management of the sequelae of childhood trauma.  NGOs such as the “Heal For Life” programme are an urgently needed and valuable resource for unresolved trauma issues.” Dr Andrew Walker, FRANZCP, M.Psychotherapy (UNSW), Psychiatrist, Toronto, NSW (April 2015)

Do you want to heal from childhood abuse or trauma, depression, anxiety, self harm or poor relationships?

We provide a proven, long lasting solution in a safe and supportive environment.

We have helped nearly 6,000 people heal during the last sixteen years. 

Over 90% of people who have attended our residential retreats have said it was ”life changing” or “very positive”.

Our healing programs are carefully designed to help survivors understand the impact trauma has had on their lives. We provide the knowledge to understand and some tools to help you start healing from the past so you can create a new and better future.

You can learn more by visiting our Programs page.


Testimonials – Adult Healing Week

“I strongly recommend this healing week for anyone that has suffered childhood trauma. The staff are incredibly skilled, kind and effective in their method of healing. The property has the most amazing energy and sense of calm. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.” Vicki (Jan 2018)

“It is amazing! This week has been life changing and I can’t imagine my future not having experienced what I have with HFL. The Facilitator and team are amazing, loving, caring and accepting. I really felt loved, cared for and heard. Thank you so much Heal for Life!” Carla L(Jan 2018)

“This week has been very healing, I have been able to achieve a lot especially with critical voice, rejection, emotional and physical abuse, understanding the inner child and knowing his needs, lots of self care for the adult and the child for my future.” Glenn B (Jan 2018)

“I found it to be very informing, very exciting. It was full of great knowledge, very informative indeed. I would recommend Heal For Life to anyone, it is such a great program.”  D R (Dec 2017)

” Thank you so much for an incredibly safe and supportive environment & really valuable information and processes. I will treasure my experience at Heal For Life.” H (Dec 2017)

“So very inspiring. Loved that the workers understood what it was like, they truly cared and that I think for me was the biggest help all week.” (Nov 2017)

” I learnt so much about myself. I felt I was given time to feel & respond and I was guided so well to release, that I was amazed at where it took me. My tool box feels full.” (Nov 2017)

” I can’t thank the Facilitators enough for the love, guidance, support, kindness, joy and lots of laughs. I’m walking away with my heart, mind, body and soul open, calm and ready to walk fee in my journey” (Nov 2017)

“A safe and professionally run program which provided significant gains in personal healing work.” Kim Taylor-psychotherapist (Sept 2017)

“The up to date neuroscience was clearly articulated in a variety of accessible formats. The team of facilitator and volunteers were expert, committed and compassionate.” Terri Dry(Sept 2017)

“The staff have been incredible, and I feel my whole life is transformed” (sept 2017)

“Wow, what a great program to experience and journey. Support workers were so helpful and supportive.” J (Sept 2017)

” Very inspiring even for a sceptic, life changing and very inspiring.” Shannon R (Sept 2017)

“I feel like a new person with lots of tools and strategies to help me cope with the real world. Your Program saved my life and I can go ahead and start creating the life and happiness I have only dreamed of. If you are in decisive about Heal For Life, trust me it works.” Sasko (Aug 2017)

“It was a very healing experience. It allowed me to connect with my inner child and allow further healing on my journey. It was a blessing and has helped to heal my life, thank you.” (Aug 2017)

“I could never go on with my life without this week being place in my physical and emotional being. Everybody should have access to this.” Araya (Aug 2017)

“This program is unique and effective. I am leaving feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and whole again.” (June 2017)

“Heal For Life opened up a world of possibilities I didn’t know were possible.” (June 2017)

“The program and team can help you feel supported, understand more about your experience with trauma and help you safely release some feelings held within for many years.” Penelope (May,2017)

“There was such a positive and supportive feeling amongst the group I felt safe in this beautiful space. I can’t thank you enough for helping me reclaim myself. What a great environment for healing xx.” (May, 2017)

“The program is amazing, wouldn’t change anything about it.” Alex Irvine (April, 2017)

“This experience is an amazing process, run by a dedicated, authentic team of volunteers which is the key to its success.” Cathi (April, 2017)

” Has been the best experience of my life. Highly recommend HFL, don’t be scared, this place rocks.” K.Perrin (April, 2017)

“The calibre of the carers was world class!” Martina V  (April, 2017)

“Exceeded my expectations. I recommend it as a giant step in your healing journey.” Sheeley Wheeldon  (April, 2017)

“I had an amazing week, grateful to all the team for keeping me safe and supported.” Martin Yates  (April, 2017)

“Gratitude does not cover it! HFL has changed my life. I would especially encourage men to attend. My two visits have been such a blessing” Don Fairlie (March, 2017)

“This week has changed the way I look at everything but most importantly myself. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I feel hope I never thought I would” Theo Butler (March, 2017)

“The support and encouragement was outstanding. I’m eternally grateful to the whole team from HFL” Oriana Russell (March, 2017)

“The strength and experience our leaders had to offer was amazing. And to be there to HEAL with other SURVIVORS  is what is so empowering” Anna Neville (March, 2017)

“Transformation, forever grateful. Thanks with all my heart. I now see light at the end of the tunnel which for so long just felt like a hole” Karma Selth (March, 2017)

“Life changing. Great process, easy to implement and the week gave me skills to take home” Christina Love (February, 2017)

“I learned so much this week. This has been such a shock to my system but funnily enough I feel that I have more energy” Joshua Thompson (February, 2017)

“Because of the workshops and the support from the team I have been able to confidently begin my healing journey” Alexander Buist (February 2017)

“I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to come to such a blessed and safe place – to be supported, nurtured and loved for my healing process”  Tracey Ginder (January, 2017)

“So, so grateful for the breakthroughs of this week – the HFL model is BRILLIANT” Helen Maguire (January, 2017)

“Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood and untreated cause of human suffering.” Dr Peter Levine, Author of Waking the Tiger.